The Wyvis Charge Episcopal Churches of St James Dingwall and St Anne Strathpeffer
My God, I Love Thee

The sun's bright rays upon the sea sparkle and flash, dancing on the wave –
The flame, leaping from the burning wood, its brightness surging midst the smoke –
They are but dull beside your glory.

The lofty mountain pointing to the sky, rocks held firm rooted for an aeon –
The oceans' endless surging waves, washing the myriad sands as the moon travels on –
They are but transient beside your timelessness.

O Lord, my God dare I but whisper that I love Thee?
Whose glory is beyond my comprehending,
Whose timelessness beyond my understanding,
Whose generous love, knowing no bounds, gave Himself in Jesus that I might live –

Yes, my God, I love Thee.
I have always enjoyed the psalms, and a while ago when studying them again, I was challenged to write my own thoughts in a similar way. My ongoing wonder and thankfulness for God’s creation that surrounds me here triggered the writing below.